About Us


Well, it is winter year 2018, January exactly. After months and days and hours and minutes :) of hard work here we are, ONLINE (yes! :)). It was a long yourney to estabilish this quite large and we must say very beautiful looking site. Do you like it too, right? :). Our goal is to offer our users high quality, safe and fast reverse phone lookup and area code lookup services. We are here to satisfy your needs in this industry and to create something amazing. Huge and friendly community which will together fight with all those scammers and telemarketers and others... who are day by day calling to you, to US and annoy our lives.

Our concept

The concept of our site is a reverse phone directory. This concept is nothing new and has actually existed for many years. Now, it comes in a digital package, but years back, a phone number trace had to be done using phone books made especially for that purpose. An example of this is the Haines Criss+Cross Directory, which listed entries by address and phone number, instead of by name. These directories were often referred to as gray pages, as opposed to the yellow or white pages.

We listen to you!

If you have some questions, need support or just wanna chat :) you can always contact us.