250-859-5969 / 2508595969
reverse phone lookup

Dangerous Phone Number! Read the comments below ...

Let's find out some basic information ...

This phone number starts with area code

- 250 -

This area code belongs to the state of

- British Columbia -

Because I also know that the prefix is

- 859 -

it is possible to identify specific location


According to my knowledge, usage of this number is


carried by


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Comment by: Lawrence | February 13, 2020 10:45 PM


Got a text message from this caller asking if my wife would be able to work today. If it was a manager at my wife's job he knows her by her first name and he also knows mine but did not use either names nor did that person leave a name who texted me. So it appears this person is fishing for info about our personal life and work. Do not trust his phone number.