458-219-9673 / 4582199673
reverse phone lookup

Dangerous Phone Number! Read the comments below ...

Let's find out some basic information ...

This phone number starts with area code

- 458 -

This area code belongs to the state of

- Oregon -

Because I also know that the prefix is

- 219 -

it is possible to identify specific location

- -

According to my knowledge, usage of this number is


carried by

- -

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Comment by: Chris | January 12, 2021 10:10 AM


Definitely a scanner. They called multiple times and just hung up on me so eventually I called back and after waiting a little white to get thru to an agent they told me they could extend my vehicle warranty if I had a vehicle made in 2000 or a newer. Naturally, I told them the closest thing I own to a vehicle is a Schwinn Beach Cruiser and even IT was made before 2000. He proceeded to ask if I was at least 18 years old and I said yes I am 21. He then asked for my social security number to see if I could get a loan with no credit check and 98% chance of approval. I gave him my social. In an alternate universe where everything is opposite so the elderly are knowledgeable about technology and telemarketers scams and the young adults are gullible to having their identity and/or money stolen. In this universe where we live i laughed at him and was hung up on again lmao. I still don't know why they called and hung up the three times before I called back though. I assume its because they have a better ratio with callers attempted: people that actually entertain the conversation with that method. If they had half a brain they would exclusively call retirement homes. But who am I to tell a much more educated vehicle warranty representative/loan agent what to do. Well I have to go i think he's calling back and I just found my social security card. Ill update everyone when im filthy rich. Actually I might even loan a few of you some money. All ill need is your social security numbers. Your welcome in advance. Talk to you soon... Nevermind he hung up as soon as I answered. I keep having the worst luck with answering as soon as he is about to hang up. I hope he calls back....There he is.... Gotta go.